Our means

The Firm places the competence and experience of its partenaires at the service of its clients.

The Trade Mark and Designs Department with its European Registered Trade Mark Attorneys and lawyers will assist you in ensuring the protection, enforcement and defence of your Trade Marks, Designs, Models and works protected by Copyright .

The Patent Department comprises French and European Registered Patent Attorneys holding qualifications in both technical and legal fields to guarantee the protection, enforcement and defence of your inventions and know-how.

The IT Department is a team of European Trade Mark Attorneys and IT lawyers using the most effective technical tools for protecting, enforcing and defending your intellectual property assets in the digital world.

These experts work in close collaboration with professional in knowledge management , computers , accountants and financial analysts and graphic artists .

MEYER & Partenaires draws on the experience of a international network of partners carefully selected to enable you to extend and enforce your intellectual property rights worldwide.