Multimedia and Domain Names

Our office helps to integrate the legal dimension of IT challenges. Our confirmed experience and know-how provide your company assistance to unfold an efficient online intellectual property strategy.

Our related range of services:

Prior right searches
We perform every prior right searches among the domain names (both national and generic Top Level Domain, including the "New gTLD" ICANN program).

Domain names registration and management
We register your domain names in all available generic/national top-level domains (subject to their respective regulation). We manage your domain name portfolio (administrative, technical and legal aspects).

We evaluate the signs that compose your online identity (domain names, social networks' user names, corporate design, IP address) and give you advice to strengthen your rights. We audit the online use of your commercial trademarks and your other signs protected by intellectual property law. We formulate a business-centered reaction policy.

Online investigation
We search and analyse every information in regards of your online problematic issues. Our investigation efforts are both legal and technical-oriented and use dedicated tools (proxies, caches, lookup tools notably).

Monitoring, watch
We provide monitoring solutions of your signs to detect their online use by third party as domain names or in the social networks. We advice and help to formulate the best legal response.

We set up and manage a domain names backorder solution. This enables us to retrieve them at the moment they pass in public domain. We also negotiate the buyback of already appropriated signs (domain names, user names/account/pages) with their current owner.

We negotiate and draft agreements relating to your domain names (license, transfer, assignment, buyback); to social networks accounts, pages, user names (deletion, transfer, assignment, buyback); to websites (development, use, assignment); and to software (license, assignment, use).
Our expertise ranges from the specific online uses (hosting, naming policy, online terms and conditions) to the specific IT areas (e-commerce, mobile apps, video games, geo-location, visual and radio frequency identification, open source issues).

We take conservative legal steps against counterfeiters. We assist the competent authorities whenever requested to report online counterfeit. We take over your judicial and administrative disputes in France and worldwide in close cooperation with our world attorneys and counsels network. We represent your interests for any domain names dispute before mediation and arbitration jurisdictions (UDRP, Syrely, CEDRP, CDRP, ADR, DRS notably). We intervene before the providers proposing relevant proprietary resolution system (abuse notification, counterfeit reporting, "Dispute antrag").

Legal advice
We listen to your IT issues so as to undertake the legal steps closely suited to your needs. We assist your company in its IT integration and IT developments for every matter gathering legal, administrative and technical features.

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The growth of the digital economy has led to the emergence of new legal problems.

Information Technology Law is applied via traditional legal concepts, which are steadily being adapted to meet all manner of new requirements for greater speed and technical prowess.

Domain names (for example “”) constitute the gateway to businesses on the Internet. Of a particular legal nature and governed by a specific set of rules, the domain name is something between a distinctive sign and a technical resource.

The domain name represents therefore a new form of intangible asset forming part of the business, a much-valued item, but susceptible to legal difficulties.

Since the domain name is a new form of distinctive sign on the Internet, a specific form of legal protection (involving availability search, watching for infringement, etc.) is called for.

The Web site is, after all, the showcase of your business.

The design, elaboration and use of your Internet site involve not only business law, tax law, copyright, etc., but also all the many laws and regulations governing every aspect of the site itself and its protection from third parties.

Proper legal protection for the day-to-day running of your site is vital to ensure an efficient and secured presence in today’s digital world.

Our solid experience in IT and intellectual property enables us to offer solutions with regard to legal issues which the Internet has given rise to.