Background and location

Born of one's man inspiration, MEYER & Partenaires was founded in 1987 and has continued to develop steadily, ever since, presently numbering around thirty associates, the Partners.

Drawing on the competence and dynamism of its team , MEYER & Partenaires has earned the confidence of many companies both at home and abroad, from the leading sectors of the economy such as industry (automobile, luxury goods, pharmaceutical products, agro-food, plant and equipment) and services (transport, press, health, catering, the industrial machinery, tourism, IT and telecommunications).

MEYER & Partenaires is based in Strasbourg , the go-ahead capital of Alsace, historical crossroads and site of great European Institutions such as the European Parliament , the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights .

Strasbourg, ideally located at the heart of Europe, between Paris, Brussels, Milan and Prague, plays an essential role in intellectual property since it hosts the prestigious Centre for International Industrial Property Studies ( CEIPI ) as well as the Institut Entreprise et Propriété Industrielle (IEEPI ).