Our firm offers its advice and its wide-ranging services to protect the design of your products.

Design Conception
Our team of experienced graphic designers has the techniques and expertise needed to make a faithful reproduction of designs, in order to provide the most adequate design protection.

Priority Searches
Our availability search services are adapted to assess “prior art” both for the purposes of filing an application and legal proceedings.

We ensure the proper implementation of all administrative steps including all follow-up, handling of the registration formalities and computer monitoring deadlines.

Industrial agreements
We rely on our wide experience to negotiate and draft the various contracts regarding ownership and exploitation of your rights (transfer, assignment, licensing, franchising, etc.).

Our services are available to help prepare and defend your rights. We prepare and direct seizure operations, working closely with sollicitors.

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Design registration represents a powerful legal means of ensuring the protection of the visual aspect of your products, and of the esthetic quality of industrial design. Registration confers an exclusive right as to the exterior appearance of an article, or any visible part of it.

An article will qualify for registration if its appearance can be considered:

  • to be visible to the eye in the course of normal use (and not, for example, merely during the maintenance of the article);
  • new : its appearance must not be strictly identical to that of any other design or model already disclosed;
  • to have a unique character : the appearance must evoke in an informed observer an overall visual impression different to that evoked by designs and models already disclosed;
  • not exclusively intended for technical application. Only esthetic features are subject of the protection and not the technical aspect (see Patented invention);
  • be lawful : the appearance of the article must not be contrary to public policy or morality.

Different registration schemes are available.

National Designs and Models
Registration gives the owner sole right within the country of registration.

Community Designs and Models
Registration with the OHIM (Community Office) confers EU-wide protection. This scheme is relatively cheap and diminishes the possibility of inconsistencies between different countries in the Union.

International Designs and Models
The single centralized registration scheme available from WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) makes it possible to obtain overall protection for designs and models within the countries signatories to the Hague Agreement . This considerably reduces costs and a simplifies administrative procedures.

The owner of a registered design and model enjoys solid protection particularly with regard to different legal remedies such as urgent seizure and Customs impoundment.

Our firm offers consulting and assistance for the protection, use and defence of your designs and models.