Copyright provides wide protection for artistic and industrial works. Our experience and specialization in this field ensure that such issues are properly and thoroughly addressed.

We carry out an in-depth study of your copyright protection needs and offer different legal and business strategies to optimize the protection of your works.

Priority Searches
We adapt our searches and methods depending on the field under consideration, with regard to the pre-existence of similar works.

Applications and Filings
We provide for putting together evidence of the date a piece of work is created.
We also handle legal registration of publications which are subject to such obligations.

Industrial agreements
Our know-how is put at your disposal for facilitating the negotiation and drafting of contracts relating to the ownership and enforcement of copyright.

We work towards the settlement of disputes by negotiation and amicable transaction whenever possible.

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We also deal with seizures and injunctions in infringement and piracy actions, working closely with sollicitors.

Copyright confers on the author of a work a wide range of immediate legal protection.

A work will qualify for copyright protection if it is original. This is the sole requirement. A work can by nature be artistic (novels, plays, paintings, musical works) or scientific (computer programs, data banks).

Copyright includes patrimonial and moral prerogatives.

Patrimonial rights entitle the author to control the reproduction and representation of his work. Authors also benefit from a resale right allowing them to be adequately compensated for all future sales of the work.

The moral right defends the paternity and the integrity of the work, and entitles the author not only to decide when to disclose the work publicly, but equally to have it withdrawn.

We offer our services in ensuring the protection, use and defence of your copyright.